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WellBella magazine is the exclusive health and wellness magazine for GNC, and it is now available to all readers just by downloading this app. Not only will you get the current issue of WellBella for free, but the app will allow you to download all past issues as well, also for free.

WellBella is a monthly publication dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring contemporary women of all ages to reach for the highest vision of themselves through the transformational power of health and beauty. Written by top health and fitness experts, every issue is a go-to guide, featuring the latest news, advice, hot products, workouts and an exclusive cover story interview with a high-profile female celebrity who has an inspirational health message.

Get the magazine app and let WellBella put a fresh spin on your wellness.


This is not just a magazine app … it’s a CONTENT app. It combines all of the publisher’s content in one app: print, multi-media and web. You will find a rich-media experience with each and every issue. Slide through the pages, watch videos, listen to audio pod casts, view photo slide shows, and be entertained by other in-page web experiences. Click the Feeds button, and view streaming web content from the publisher in real-time.

MY LIBRARY / AVAILABLE ISSUES: Download free issues and place them to your My Library.

FEEDS: View the latest web articles and a variety of other content in real-time.

VIEWER: Browse all the various contents of the issue: pages, video, audio, photos, favorites, notes, and ads.

CONTENTS: Browse all articles, click on a thumbnail and navigate directly to each page.

SEARCH: Search key words or phrases, and with one click navigate to your search result.

SHARE: Provides integration with eMail, Facebook and Twitter. E-Mail a link to a friend to download this app, or post a thumbnail/link in your Facebook or Twitter account.

TEXT ONLY: View select articles in “text-only” mode for easy reading.

FAVORITES AND NOTES: Bookmark your favorite pages or take notes.

SETTINGS: Change user preferences by enabling or disabling certain features like hot spots, vertical page scroll, and enabling or disabling Facebook and Twitter integration. You can also find out more about the publisher and get links to the publisher’s web page.


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